The impact of HIV on the lives of black gay men

Some evidence suggests that internalized homophobia may pose multiple barriers to community-based HIV-prevention efforts. With HIV rates still rising, how do we as Black gay men love each other, take care of each other, affirm each other, and see each other?

Home Topics Topics. Studies show that Black gay men are at higher risk of HIV exposure not because they engage in more risk-associated behaviors, but because of the high prevalence of HIV in the Black gay community, which increases the chances of HIV transmission.

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  • During the first interview, participants were asked to describe a typical day, their experience being incarcerated, different social groups in the institution, and how these groups interact. Aligning with other big men in the institution promoted a sense of safety and solidarity.
  • They described corrections officers ignoring sex inside, tolerating it, sometimes commenting on or supporting relationships by transferring prisoners or placing gay-identified prisoners in specific units to minimize tension, and, in some cases, having sex with prisoners themselves. Or, you may have a man who has groundsed out [lowered] himself in the prison and he will have to be put there too.
  • HIV risk behavior reduction following intervention with key opinion leaders of a population: an experimental analysis. And in , the CDC released its first-ever "lifetime risk report, " which asserted that one in two Black gay men will contract HIV in their lifetimes.
  • Conversely, other researchers reported that HIV status was not associated with incarceration among their sample of Black MSM and that reports of anal sex among incarcerated participants tended to be higher outside of jail than during incarceration. Such interventions also work across larger and broader segments of the MSM population.
The impact of HIV on the lives of black gay men

Despite his close sexual relationship, Joaquin additionally describes racialized codes of masculinity that he navigates:. This movement has served, in part, to bring increasing attention to white fear of perceived Black criminality, the over-policing of Black communities and the inappropriate use of force against Black people, their disproportionate incarceration, and the harms experienced by Black prisoners while incarcerated.

Khalil draws on gendered strategies both inside and outside the carceral context to construct his heterosexual appearance and maintain his safety.

The impact of HIV on the lives of black gay men
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