The earliest gay icon may have been Saint Sebastian

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  • Islamic folk beliefs remain common, such as the myths surrounding Jinn , long-lived shapeshifting spirits of air and fire. Wahineomo, a goddess of Hawaiian mythology whose name means "thrush woman", is depicted in relationships with other goddesses Hi'iaka and Hopoe.
  • Greek mythology features male same-sex love in many of the constituent myths.
  • Myths have been used to explain and validate the social institutions of a particular culture, [ 4 ] as well as to educate the members of that culture.
  • Pepin; p.
  • The mythology of the Shona people of Zimbabwe is ruled over by an androgynous creator god called Mwari, who occasionally splits into separate male and female aspects. Homosexual encounters are common in Chinese folk stories.
  • Their mythologies have many similarities to that of Yoruba, and contains a pantheon of Oríshas spirits , comparable to and often identified with the lwa of Voodoo.
The earliest gay icon may have been Saint Sebastian

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight has also been interpreted by some scholars as having homosexual themes. New York: Vintage, Peter Horne and Reina Lewis, eds. His brother, Arthur , became a noted Parisian financier and economist.

The earliest gay icon may have been Saint Sebastian
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