Randomly selected gay or bisexual men who had profiles on the selec


As noted above, wealth reflects not only income, but pos- sessions such as cars, savings accounts, houses, stocks, and mutual funds. The disciplines are still develop- ing a vocabulary that permits meaningful communication about mul- tiple crosscutting social relations in a clear, comprehensible way.

Indeed, some thirty years ago, her comment would have been more accurate with respect to the police and those who worked in prisons.

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Aim: To explore the use of licit and illicit substances in comb[ He will also need to find his way round a world in which HIV infection is widespread. When sex is only occasional and one moves in circles where HIV infection is not frequent, lowering one's guard now and then is less likely to have dramatic consequences.

Given that there were no formal criteria for including or excluding respondents, it is essential to analyse the characteristics of these batches of 'volunteers'. Their affective lifestyles change, the proportion living alone increases, and the conjugal relationships are generally not exclusive ones.

Randomly selected gay or bisexual men who had profiles on the selec
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