Gay and lesbian couples do not need to register their partnership

Spain, South Africa, Canada, and the American states of Massachusetts and California legalized same-sex marriage later. There are several possible explanations for the differences between our findings and those reported in previous work. About this site.

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  • Information source Marie Digoix courriel : mad [at] ined [dot] fr. Main article: Law
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  • In , the local tourism authorities launched a "gay-welcoming" charter in tour operators, hotels, bars and restaurants. Main articles: Civil solidarity pact and Same-sex marriage in France.
  • I'd like to thank Birthgay, the gay and lesbian greeting card company , for their generous sponsorship that helps me with the costs of hosting my web site. They adopted the Danish law in
  • Some American cities have partnership registrations.
  • From Madrid to Gran Canaria, the country has a diverse and welcoming scene for all members of the queer community.
  • External links. Many couples wish to follow the traditions of a civil marriage and seek to change their surname to that of either partner, or combine to make a double barreled surname.
  • Once a civil partnership occurs between these couples, they are entitled to receive similar treatment and benefits as that of any married couple. Pannier said " I feel great.
  • A stay of the ruling was obtained by the state of Hawaii shortly afterwards.
Gay and lesbian couples do not need to register their partnership

Sexuality in ancient Rome Homosexuality in ancient Greece. Archived from the original on 11 May Opinion polls generally show that the French public supports the legalisation of same-sex marriage:. Austria ,no. In contrast, the departments with the least same-sex marriages were Guadeloupe 0.

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Gay and lesbian couples do not need to register their partnership
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