Algeria has no gay places

In , new programs at the elementary appeared, therefore the compulsory schooling does not start at the age of six anymore, but at the age of five. Although the regency patronised the tribal chieftains, it never had the unanimous allegiance of the countryside, where heavy taxation frequently provoked unrest.

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  • The atmosphere is rather laid-back. Retrieved 8 January

So even if I talked to him late about me being gay, I was always aware of his ability to accept it, and I feel quite responsible about the adult he is becoming, so I try to explain everything I know about my gay life, and the difficulties and struggles it involves.

The Algerians of the Maghreb and the North Africans living in France and Belgium come together in thought by lighting a candle at home, in their house, in their bedroom, discreetly, so as not to get caught by anti-LGBT or homophobic parents, neighbours or others.

The Independent , a Ugandan newspaper based in Kampala, noted while reporting on the situation of sexual minorities in Africa that "in Algeria, anyone charged with a homosexual act is liable to up to two years in prison, but people are rarely prosecuted for such offences" 28 Feb.

They are my best support system, and we form an unbreakable team, which made me strong, and able to love myself and others.

Algeria has no gay places
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